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This site is about company law in all its forms but mostly about corporate law(s) in the UK, US and jurisdictions where the common law prevails. This site analyses banking law in light of scandals such as those associated with the Global Financial Crisis (e.g. benchmark and forex rigging) and issues concerned with sustainable banking.

These pages are equally about issues in company law such as the agency problem, directors’ duties, directors’ remuneration and company law and corporate governance in comparative US-UK perspective.

It is hoped that this site will add to academic research and practical law by blogging on issues in both realms. This site is edited by Asad Ali Khan (BA, MSc, MA, LLB (Hons), BVC, LLM, Advocate High Courts of Pakistan, Barrister-at-Law). Asad’s LinkedIn profile is available here. Asad also does pro bono human rights and immigration law work.

This site is the editor’s property. The editor will accept blog posts (of 750 to 1,250 words) about business/company law and corporate governance topics. In the event proposed blog posts are accepted for publication, the editor will acknowledge the author’s work. Some posts on this site are longer than 1,250 words but readers should note that at times the depth of the issues demands lengthy analyses and consideration of subject matter.

The editor also writes and maintains the following blogs:

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